About us:

Design Office Marcin Bartoś provides comprehensive services for construction projects in Człuchów, Chojnice, Tuchola, Sępólno Krajeński and surrounding towns.
Many years of experience of our employees means that we are able to perfectly match our projects to the clients' requirements and to meet even the most demanding tasks.
Our design studio oversees the entire construction process and prepares complete project documentation in the field of investment:
- Individual
- Public utility
- Residential multi-family housing
If you are looking for a trustworthy design office, today we invite you to contact us. To confirm the credibility of our design studio, check our references, which we received from satisfied customers. We serve companies and private individuals from, among others, Tuchola, Sępólno Krajeńskie and Chojnice.
Arrange a free consultation
We are at your disposal from Monday to Friday from 7:00 to 15:00. We invite all interested parties for free consultations to our office.

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